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As an essential component of battery, battery separator is widely used in cars, motorbikes and other motor vehicles. At present, there are mainly three types of battery separators in China’s market--AGM separator, PP separator and PE separator. The AGM separator is the traditional clapboard with poor technical performance, and the technology of the other two types of battery separators is not yet mature and their overall technical indicators, such as puncture-resistant, resistant to oxidation and acid-time are less than desirable, which can not satisfy the demand of market and much less suitable for use in high-end automobiles.
Changhai successfully developed a new ultra-fine fiberglass composite separator in 2006, which was named high-tech products in Jiangsu Province in 2007. The product is a laminated composite separator composed of the substrate and the rough fiberglass thin mat which is compound with one side of the substrate. In battery, one side of the substrate contacts with the battery anode, and one side of the thin fiberglass mat contacts with the cathode.
The product has the characteristics of low resistance, high porosity, small aperture, non-organic impurities and good oxidation resistance, and can prevent the active substance detached from vibration and damping effect, which can effectively extend the battery life and is suitable for all kinds of automobiles and motorcycles.

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